Tactical Communications Group (TCG) has been awarded a contract to supply Link 16 remote entry stations (RES) to the US Air Force Europe’s (USAFE) Warrior Preparation Center Detachment 3, Polygone Electronic Warfare Range in Bann, Germany.

Under the contract, the company will provide multiple supply Link 16 RESs, as well as engineering and operational tactical data link (TDL) services to support USAFE’s efforts to bring battlefield situational awareness from its ground tactical data link systems (GTS) to users and leaders at all levels.

The company has already deployed ten GTS systems throughout the USAFE area of operations.

USAFE Polygone detachment commander lieutenant colonel Case said: "The initial capabilities provided by the remote entry stations purchased include low-level and extended Link-16 fighter connectivity over the Polygone Electronic Warfare Range, but our goal is to integrate our network with each of our operational bases, including Spangdahlem, Germany; Aviano, Italy; Lakenheath, and the UK with our deployable Multinational Aviation Live Virtual Constructive Training System (MALTS).

"USAFE is committed to creating an environment across the command that provides a seamless communication network."

"USAFE is committed to creating an environment across the command that provides a seamless communication network that makes live fly information available at every commander’s desk, command post, recovering crew chief position, and for every other tactical application of this information.

"Of course, we are taking a stepped approach for this vision and to that end, we have developed a one-of-a-kind training programme, which we will execute the 2nd quarter of the FY that brings together every US GTS system operator in Europe as well as invited personnel from around the globe."

TCG Operations vice president Kevin Mawn said: "In this era of shrinking budgets, TCG’s affordable, off-the-shelf capabilities become more important every day because we bring virtual and constructive assets into the cockpits of fighter aircraft that allows them to perform ‘coalition-like’ time-sensitive-targeting and kill-chain training that would otherwise not be available."

A part of TCG’s GTS suite of products, Link 16 RES features a comprehensive tactical display, a MIL-STD-compliant message generator as well as an intuitive simulation capability.

In addition to data recording and playback that enable data analysis, operational debriefs, and evaluation of tactics and procedures, the RES can support the Multi-MIDS GTS configuration that provides Link 16 coverage across a large geographic or country-wide area.