The Israeli Air Force's (IAF) newly upgraded C-130H (Hercules) transport aircraft has successfully completed the first flight test.

Elbit Systems has upgraded the aircraft as part of an agreement signed with the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

The test validated the aircraft's systems performance in various operational modes and in a variety of flight altitudes and conditions, in both day and night.

A live video was displayed on the head-up display (HUD), presenting flight and navigation data overlaying the real world by using two and three dimensional symbols, enhanced degraded visual landing applications and head tracking capabilities, Elbit said in a statement.

The IAF pilots also tested the aircraft's airborne refuelling capability.

Elbit began the modernisation project in 2012 and it replaced the aircraft's obsolete analogue systems with digital systems, thereby reducing operational costs.

The project is expected to extend the operational life of the aircraft and improve its operational capability, particularly in precision flying, low-level night flight and operations in adverse weather.

The modernisation of the aircraft reduced workload, and improved cockpit communication and flight safety.

The aircraft will undergo further flight tests in the coming months.

"The modernisation of the aircraft reduced workload, and improved cockpit communication and flight safety."

The first sorties of the upgraded C-130 were reported in October 2015 by the official IAF magazine.

In January 2014, Elbit Systems secured a follow-on contract from IAF to make C-130H compliant with international Communications Navigation and Surveillance / Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) standard and operate in commercial airspace.

Elbit also recently upgraded C-130 aircraft for the Korean and Romanian air forces.

The company also upgraded the Brazilian Air Forces' C-95 freighter-wayfarer aircraft.

Image: The modernisation improved cockpit communication of the aircraft. Photo: courtesy of Elbit Systems Ltd.