The Israeli Air Force (IAF) has opened a new Adir (F-35I) maintenance training centre in Nevatim air force base (AFB).

Adir, which is equipped with advanced capability to defeat emerging threats, including advanced missiles and heavily-defended airspace, is Israel's variant of the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF).

Said to be the first-of-its-kind, the maintenance training centre will allow Adir technicians to rehearse various scenarios.

IAF Material Directorate officer major Yaniv said: “This is a different and advanced instruction concept, adapted to the fifth-generation.

“It is equipped with systems that speak for themselves and provide new instruction capabilities.”

The centre features instruction classes in which each cadet can participate in frontal instruction style lessons or work independently, and a simulator that is composed of two screens which provide a 3D view of the jet and allow the cadets to train for different scenarios, IAF stated.

The simulator allows the cadets to learn while being accompanied by instructors who supervise and oversee their performance.

"The simulator is built to make the cadet feel like he is standing in front of the aircraft."

Yaniv added: “The simulator is built to make the cadet feel like he is standing in front of the aircraft.”

The computer at the centre will monitor the technicians’ work and warns them when they operate incorrectly or make security mistakes.

At least 25 different technical professions will study in the new training centre.

Image: Adir technician badge. Photo: courtesy of the Israeli Air Force.