Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services-North America (HS-NA) has been awarded a contract to provide engine maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) support to the Colombian Air Force.

Under the contract, the company will provide MRO support for the Pratt & Whitney PT6T and JT15D engines that power air force’s fleet of UH-1N Twin Huey and Citation Ultra OT-47B Tracker helicopters, respectively.

Vector HS-NA sales and marketing vice-president Chris McDowell said: "We are pleased to sign this MRO agreement and look forward to supporting the Colombian Air Force with high-quality MRO services through our best in class customer service team for both fixed-wing and rotor-wing fleet requirements.

"This agreement is another example of Vector Aerospace’s broad range of engine MRO capabilities."

"This agreement is another example of Vector Aerospace’s broad range of engine MRO capabilities with the ability to support not only our commercial operators but that of military operators which require dependable and reliable MRO services."

Colombian Air Force Logistics chief brigadier general Jose Francisco Forero Montealegre said: "The Colombian Air Force requires prompt, efficient and high-quality service, and we are confident that Vector Aerospace will provide this service for us over the next three and a half years."

Under the contract, MRO support services are scheduled to be provided over the next three and a half years.

The PT6T Twin-Pac is manufactured by Pratt & Whitney Canada. It is a turboshaft engine designed for helicopters, and power aircraft in service with 360 operators in 96 countries worldwide.

The JT15D was introduced in 1971. It is a small turbofan engine and serves as the primary powerplant for a broad spectrum of smaller jet aircraft, specifically business jets.

Image: Vector Aerospace will provide MRO support for Colombian Air Force’s PT6T and JT15D engines. Photo: courtesy of Copyright 2015 by Vector Aerospace Corporation.