The Barrett PRC-2083+ 50W tactical VHF re-broadcast system is typically used to link two low-band VHF networks, providing extended range to overcome communication difficulties due to distance or terrain. The two networks can use different security options (frequency hopping and encryption), providing a field deployable interoperability solution.

The re-broadcast system utilises two PRC-2084+ 50W systems and incorporates a nine-band co-location filter assembly and AC / DC power supply with battery backup facilities all housed in a MIL-SPEC ruggedised transportable case, allowing for easy deployment in any field environment.

The standard package comprises:

  • Two PRC-2080+ VHF transceivers
  • Vehicle docking station for two PRC-2080+ transceivers
  • Two 50W VHF amplifiers
  • Two advanced tactical handsets
  • AC power supply
  • Bandpass filter panel
  • Transportation casing
  • Two rugged external mount speakers
  • Tactical installation kit
  • Barrett PRC-2080+ operation and installation manual