USAF debuts first large-scale virtual command and control platform
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USAF debuts first large-scale virtual command and control platform

26 May 2021 (Last Updated May 26th, 2021 16:35)

The US Air Force has unveiled the first large-scale virtual command and control platform.

USAF debuts first large-scale virtual command and control platform
The new virtual reality system being tested at Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center, Alpena, Michigan. Credit: USAF / Senior Airman Lawrence Sena.

The US Air Force’s (USAF) Air Mobility Command (AMC) has debuted a next-generation all-domain command and control platform that is accessible from anywhere.

In the wake of training gaps caused by Covid restrictions, the Headquarters Air Force directed the Security Forces Enterprise in May 2020 to execute a ‘capabilities-based assessment’.

According to the USAF, this assessment was completed in October last year and led to the development of the Security Forces Enterprise Plan and the new virtual platform.

The new virtual system is the result of $1.7m in funding to address a gap in weapons proficiency training, which funded a virtual reality training system known as ‘Street Smarts VR’.

Street Smart VR uses virtual reality to train SF airmen on the judicious use of force in a variety of scenarios and provides courses on firing the M17 and M4, and an M18 course will be added in the near future.

The virtual command centre was debuted on 25 May during the multinational Mobility Guardian 2021 readiness exercise.

The nearly two-week exercise, which started on 1 May, is set to conclude on 27 May.

AMC operations, strategic deterrence and nuclear integration deputy director brigadier general Charles Bolton said: “Mobility Guardian is about developing airmen and advancing warfighting capabilities by pushing boundaries and experimenting with new concepts to ensure Mobility Forces are ready to project the Joint Force and ensure strategic deterrence.

“AMC leverages opportunities like Mobility Guardian to ensure our Total Force is ready to compete with, deter or defeat any adversary, not just in the current environment, but also in the future fight.”

Mobility Guardian 2021 exercise allows airmen and soldiers to jointly work and learn more about each other’s individual branch processes and expand upon capabilities.