• 18 June 2009

    Operational Test Decoy Delivered to US Air Force

    The first operational test and evaluation unit of the miniature air launched decoy (MALD) has been delivered to the US Air Force. The USAF will conduct numerous tests on the...

  • 17 June 2009

    Indian Air Force Witnesses Engine Test for Jaguar

    A Rolls-Royce-built Adour mk821 engine has been installed and tested by the manufacturer to prove its suitability for Indian Air Force's Jaguar upgrade requirement. A mk821 engine was successfully installed...

  • 16 June 2009

    First F-35 Flight Test Aircraft with Radar Signature Unveiled

    The first dedicated flight test F-35 aircraft with production representative very-low observable airframe structure and coatings has been rolled out by Lockheed Martin. The F-35, a supersonic, multirole, fifth-generation stealth...