Bulgaria is set to host the third edition of the European Defence Agency’s (EDA) annual European Air Transport Training (EATT) event at the International Airport in Plovdiv, in June 2014.

Scheduled to take place from 16 to 27 June, the EATT aims to achieve a far reaching level of interoperability between tactical airlift users from participating countries in the operations and training domain.

The exercise, which is developed on an increasing complexity basis, starting from single ship missions and advancing to multiple ship formation and missions, seeks to consolidate existing qualifications or help participants regain qualifications.

Independent scenarios are expected to be played for each mission, according to its specific tactical characteristics and training requirements, including tactical navigations, formation flying, cargo and personnel airdrops, and combined air operations (COMAOs).

In addition, air and ground threats will be included, with the tactics and procedures to avoid them forming part of the advanced mission planning process.

"The exercise will welcome the armed forces of 11 countries, while seven are sending observers."

The exercise will welcome the armed forces of 11 countries, while seven are sending observers, namely Austria, Finland, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Sweden and the UK.

Belgium will be represented by one C-130 Hercules aircraft and two crew members, while Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France and Germany will contribute one C-27J, one CN-295, one C-130, and C-160, along with two airmen, respectively.

Additional participants include Italy with one C-130J and two crews, Lithuania with one C-27J and one crew, Spain with one CN-295 and two crews, Norway with one C-130J and two crews, Greece with the airborne warning and control system (AWACS) and fighter aircraft, and the Netherlands with one C-130 and two crews.

EATT offers a unique opportunity to plan and execute missions within a multinational framework to combat a wide range of threats.

Image: EATT 14 will witness participation from 11 militaries and a range of fighter and transport aircraft. Photo: © 2005-2014 European Defence Agency.

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