• University Challenge: Part I

    The first of a new series of articles focused on innovative collaboration between the military sector and universities. Alex Hawkes talks to Dr Timothy Norman, head of computing science research...

  • Fuel Efficiency in Flight

    National militaries around the world are under pressure to become more fuel efficient. Anthony Beachey explores how the US Air Force is leading the drive to reduce energy consumption.

  • Shoot First, Improve Combat ID Later?

    If any operational military problem requires a top-down solution it's fratricide, otherwise known as 'friendly fire'. Unfortunately, combat identification (CID) solutions are usually pursued from the bottom up, in piecemeal...

  • Amberley: A Base in the Making

    Australia's Amberley airbase is going through rapid redevelopment in all aspects. From infrastructure to services and new technologies such as the KC-30B MRTT simulator, Darren Baguley takes a look at...


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