• Less Ego, More UAVs

    What were the real reasons behind the June firing of the leaders of the US Air Force? Richard B Gasparre investigates.

  • Training on a Global Scale

    Simulation is moving out of sovereign training labs and into the global arena. Richard B Gasparre looks to the US as an example of the challenges this could pose individual...

  • Finding the Right Fit

    Air force parts optimisation and ordering systems are difficult to deploy across large, entrenched systems. Drew Turney investigates.

  • Striking it Right

    Richard B Gasparre looks at how Israel went to plan B when looking at its Joint Strike Fighter order.

  • The KC-X Argument

    Anthony Beachy takes a look at both sides of the USAF KC-X contract argument. He finds out what has been delaying the long-awaited tanker project.

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