• April’s top news stories

    The Slovak Republic proposed to acquire 14 F-16 Block 70/72 V configuration aircraft from the US for an estimated cost of $2.91bn and the British Royal Air Force (RAF) formed...

  • Inside NATO’s Joint Air Power Strategy

    On 15 February, NATO Defence Ministers formally approved a joint air power strategy, marking the latest development in work that began during the 2014 Wales Summit, to give air defence...

  • Global Defence Technology: Issue 86

    In this issue: Training the Royal Marines for CBRN threats, inside the Sky Sabre missile defence system, contenders for the US Navy’s future Guided Missile Frigate, and more

  • March’s top news stories

    Qatar signs €3bn contract to purchase 28 NH90 military helicopters, USAF awards $642m EELV launch services contracts to SpaceX and ULA, and RAAF’s JORN radar system to undergo $1.2bn upgrade....

  • RAF Apprentices: a bright future ahead

    A recent award win has highlighted the Royal Air Force's increased focus on science, engineering, technology and mathematics (STEM) training, which has formed a vital part of its apprenticeship programme.

  • Global Defence Technology: Issue 84

    In this issue: Technology for safer and more sustainable bases, the future of driverless technology in military vehicles, innovtive UAV designs, the US Air Force's jet-mounted laser weapons, BAE System's...

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