CONTROP has recently launched the new FOX 1400 thermal imaging (TI) camera as part of the sophisticated SPIDER LR long-range system. This new product joins the FOX Family of thermal imaging cameras, all of which are well known worldwide due to their unique continuous optical zoom lens as well as other unique features such as local AGC (automatic gain control) and advanced image processing.

This new FOX-1400 TI camera has a 1400mm lens with a x35 continuous optical zoom lens. This provides exceptionally long-range target acquisition and observation, with unmatched superiority in the world of night vision.

The new FOX 1400 has already been supplied as part of the SPIDER LR system to several modern customers as part of a long-range observation system for coastal protection and surveillance. The FOX family of thermal imaging cameras includes – FOX 250, FOX 450, FOX-600, FOX 720 and FOX-1400, all including the continuous optical zoom lens which has a tremendous advantage over the traditional thermal imagers with incremental zoom capabilities.

The FOX continuous zoom feature provides a smooth transition between the various fields of view and ensures eye contact with the ‘target’ through the entire zoom magnifications as well as during video tracking. The improved image processing algorithms, including a unique local automatic gain control (LAGC), enables a high quality image even when there is a ‘hot spot’ in the picture (an explosion, fire, etc). Furthermore, the FOX cameras can be integrated with other systems through their standard communication protocol.

The FOX TI is available with or without an enclosure, so that the camera can be used for higher assembly level systems, by installation in the customer’s payload or operated as a stand-alone system.