CONTROP Precision Technologies promotes the DSP-1 EO/IR stabilized payload worldwide. The DSP-1 is a high-resolution, high-performance EO/IR dual sensor stabilized payload. The DSP-1 enables day/night long range observation due to its high-resolution CCD camera and a unique powerful continuous optical zoom lens in the thermal imaging camera. The lightweight DSP-1 was especially configured for use on helicopters, UAVs, aerostats and light reconnaissance aircraft.

The DSP-1 is a four-gimbal system, gyro-stabilized in azimuth and elevation, allowing the EO sensors’ line of sight (LOS) to be aimed and maintained stabilized in all directions, including zenith and nadir. The DSP-1 weighs only 22.5kg and is easily integrated onto a wide variety of carrying vehicles through a flexible configuration suitable for any specific application.

The system is in use by many customers and in many countries, including the Israel Airborne Police, the Israel Navy on board their naval helicopters and various UAVs.

Following years of operational and field experience, CONTROP is continually upgrading the systems to answer mission requirements. The newly improved DSP-1 camera payload has an optional broadcast quality 3 CCD or HDTV daylight camera and an optional laser pointer or laser range finder (LRF), as well as an optional INS on the line of sight (LOS). The DSP-1 has a proven track record to the full satisfaction of all of its many customers, worldwide.