A new member to the CONTROP family of STAMP stabilised miniature payloads is the T-STAMP triple sensor stabilised payload.

The T-STAMP includes day/night observation cameras and a laser pointer, all packed in a less than 3kg fully gyro-stabilised payload. The thermal camera is available either cooled or uncooled, yet both options have the unique continuous optical zoom lens, like most of CONTROP’s thermal cameras. The T-STAMP is ideal for airborne applications on board SUAVs, aerostats and other small platforms. The system is available with INS/GPS providing inertial target tracking mode, point-to-coordinates mode, hold-coordinates mode, scan mosaic mode and more.

Soon to be available will be the unique state-of-the-art lightweight TD-STAMP, an EO/IR payload including a laser designator weighing only 5kg that is ideal for military VTOL operations, providing a superior quality gyro-stabilised image.

The new TD-STAMP fills what was previously a critical technological gap, providing a lightweight payload with a laser designator for operational capabilities which are appropriate for small UAVs and VTOLs.