CONTROP’s SPEED-A payload has been delivered to an additional customer for surveillance applications.

The SPEED-A has unique capabilities which were specifically developed for use on tactical aerostats (balloons) due to it being a state-of-the-art gimbal system with three gyro-stabilised axes. In addition to the pitch and yaw traditional axes, the SPEED-A is also stabilised in the roll axis (which compensates for the roll movement of balloons).

The powerful continuous optical zoom lens in the thermal camera ensures continual viewing of the target during zoom-in and zoom-out, as well as image enhancement features for low visibility conditions. The SPEED-A is also available with an optional laser range finder (LRF).

Weighing only 23kg, the breakthrough SPEED-A camera payload is ideal for static balloons, providing long-range performance capabilities.

The SPEED-A is field proven in Israel and multiple other locations with extraordinary results for base and force protection, as well as border protection, and is providing unsurpassed surveillance performance.