CONTROP has added a new product, which was recently developed and has already being procured: the new M-STAMP is a multi-sensor payload for small UAVs. Due to the fact that SUAV manufacturers are now developing small UAV platforms that can stay airborne for longer (even five or six hours), so there was a new requirement for a high-quality stabilized picture that could come from an easy-to-operate lightweight multi-sensor camera payload, which is dedicated for longer flights on SUAVs (small UAVs) and can cross over from day-to-night or vice-versa. As a result, CONTROP introduced the M-STAMP, meaning there’s now no need to change payloads when transitioning from daytime to nighttime (not to mention the sensitivities of “twilight” time).

The new M-STAMP includes a day camera, an uncooled dual FOV TI camera and a laser pointer all in a compact payload weighing less than 1.2kg. CONTROP introduced the idea that there needn’t be such a vast tradeoff between size/weight and quality of image. With the right technology, which CONTROP developed, one could get a clear and stabilized image from an easy to operate low cost / low weight payload.

About five years ago, CONTROP came out with the STAMP; small gyro-stabilized miniature payloads specially designed for SUAVs. The first stage was the D-STAMP with a day camera. Then CONTROP came out with the U-STAMP with an uncooled TI camera (with a fixed or dual field-of-view or a continuous zoom lens). These all weighed in the range of +/- only 1kg. Lately, CONTROP introduced the STAMP-HD. This high definition day camera required even finer stabilization of the payload and provides a super high quality stabilized HD colour image from aboard a small UAV.

Now, one step further, the D-STAMP day camera is available with the new scanning mode operation. All of these STAMP products are operationally proven and CONTROP has been a sole source supplier for critical SUAV programs such as the prestigious Israel MOD Sky Rider program.