CONTROP Precision Technologies is proud to announce the recent delivery of the SPEED-A payload to another customer for persistent surveillance applications. The SPEED-A is a state-of-the-art pitch, yaw and roll three-axis gyro-stabilized payload which was specifically developed for use on tactical aerostats (balloons). The SPEED-A is field proven in both Israel and Afganistan and other locations with extraordinary results for base and force protection as well as border protection and is providing unsurpassed persistent surveillance performance.

The SPEED-A was designed to answer a unique field requirement for a stabilized high performance camera which can provide long range observation on a most unique moving platform – the tactical balloon. Due to the fact that the tactical balloon is relatively near to the ground (500 to 3000 feet), the frequent gusts of wind and vast amount of movement of the balloon, require a stabilized payload that can provide a high performance stabilized picture, by day and by night, at a great distance.

Taking into account the rolling movement of the tactical balloon while it is tethered to the ground, a three-axis gyro-stabilized payload was required which considers all three sorts of movement of the balloon: pitch, yaw and also roll! In addition, the payload was designed to be very low weight due to the weight limitations of the balloon. This allows transporting the balloon and the payload with great ease, and getting it airborne very quickly. Furthermore, the SPEED-A provides the required target geolocation, so that the necessary information is precise and immediate. CONTROP is known worldwide for the unique continuous zoom of the thermal imaging camera, which is of course an important feature in the new SPEED-A payload as well. A major technological breakthrough, the SPEED-A provides the answers to requirements not met by any other payload, worldwide.