L-VIEW for armoured combat vehicles

CONTROP is pleased to announce that the new L-VIEW compact land (vehicle) commander sight system has just successfully completed a very strict evaluation and field test for a very demanding customer for armoured combat vehicles. The L-VIEW was designed to answer a unique field requirement as an aide to the commander and crew of light armoured vehicles. The L-VIEW enables the commander to have complete control of the surrounding area in panoramic view. Furthermore, the system enables minimization of the workload and time during fire engagements so that the commander can continue to select new targets while the gunner is engaged in the current conflict. Other applications of the L-VIEW include observation, navigation, driving, security, situational awareness and force protection while providing real-time video onboard a variety of different land vehicles.

SPIDER LR (long range) for border and coastal protection

CONTROP announces the recent supply of the new SPIDER LR (long range) to another customer in Asia for border protection and is already providing tremendous results. This very-long range observation system (V-LOROS) uses a 1,400mm EO camera with continuous optical zoom lens, a daytime 1,000mm camera and a laser range finder (LRF). The SPIDER LR is part of a family of intruder detection systems and was designed to provide extended performance capabilities for very long range applications. The SPIDER is also a long range observation system (LOROS), has also been deployed for mobile area surveillance and 24/7 border protection in Afganistan and numerous other countries in Asia and elsewhere, worldwide. Both these systems provide automatic intruder detection where needed most – for borders, coastlines, seaports and harbours, airports, critical infrastructures, force protection and more.

Laser designator payload LDP

CONTROP is proud to announce that the new EO/IR laser designator payload LDP has been supplied to a very important and modern customer based on their most strict requirements. The LDP is a high performance, gyro-stabilized EO / IR payload with a laser designator, weighing only 32 kg. As a leader in day / night stabilized camera payloads, CONTROP’s EO / IR payloads have several unique features setting them apart from other payloads on the market. The thermal imaging camera with continuous optical zoom lens makes CONTROP payloads so “user friendly” that once tried, the Operators don’t want to go back to the incremental zoom lens known in other EO payloads. In addition, the improved image processing algorithms enable a high quality image even when there is a “hot spot” in the picture (an explosion, a fire, etc). The Local AGC feature which is unique to CONTROP’s TI cameras provides the ability to see fine details in spite of extreme heat differences in the observed area and shady areas in the picture.

SPEED-A for persistent surveillance on aerostats

CONTROP announces the recent delivery of the SPEED-A payload to another customer for persistent surveillance applications. The SPEED-A is a state-of-the-art pitch, yaw and roll three-axis gyro-stabilized payload which was specifically developed for use on tactical aerostats (balloons). The SPEED-A is field proven in both Israel and Afghanistan and other locations with extraordinary results for base and force protection as well as border protection and is providing unsurpassed persistent surveillance performance.

STAMP for mini UAVS

CONTROP, a world leader in stabilized camera payloads, is proud to announce that the STAMP Stabilized miniature payloads were selected as the chosen EO/IR payloads for one of the most important strategic mini UAV programs. The STAMP family of gyro-stabilized miniature payloads, includes the D-STAMP with a CCD camera for daylight applications and the U-STAMP with an uncooled IR dual field-of-view camera for night-time applications. The CONTROP STAMP payloads were even chosen by the IMOD prior to the actual UAV tender, due to their unmatched high quality stabilized picture, providing every operator with an excellent video image and the maximum amount of detailed information from a very user-friendly easy to control system.