New HD STAMP – the first high-definition gyro-stabilized camera for mini-UAVs

CONTROP is launching the new HD STAMP – the first high definition gyro-stabilized camera for SUAVs. The STAMP family of gyro-stabilized miniature payloads, includes the D-STAMP with a CCD camera for daylight applications and the U-STAMP with an uncooled IR dual field-of-view camera for night-time applications and the U-STAMP-Z with a Continuous Zoom Lens. The new HD STAMP provides new opportunities for SUAVs, including surveying of power lines and other requirements where a high definition image is required. CONTROP’s STAMP stabilized miniature payloads were selected as the chosen EO/IR payloads for a most important strategic mini UAV programs – the Israeli Sky Rider SUAV program, due to their unmatched high quality stabilized picture on board SUAVs. The STAMP payloads are operational in Israel and worldwide onboard SUAVs.

Laser designator payload – LDP for UAVs and helicopters

CONTROP’s new EO/IR Laser Designator LDP Payload has been supplied to an important and modern customer based on their most strict requirements. The LDP is a high performance, gyro-stabilized EO/IR payload with a laser designator, weighing only 32kg. The LDP will soon be supplied with a HDTV high definition camera for the day channel together with the continuous optical zoom lens in the IR camera, making CONTROP’s LDP the most cost-effective laser designator system on the market. As a leader in day / night stabilized camera payloads, CONTROP’s EO/IR payloads have several unique features setting them apart from other payloads on the market, including the IR camera with Continuous optical zoom lens, the improved image processing algorithms which are special for battlefield visibility situations and the Local AGC features. CONTROP payloads boast a high performance for low weight ratio.

DANIS supplied to two new customers for UGV patrol and for coastal protection

CONTROP has introduced the new DANIS day and night integrated system. Due to CONTROP’s unique continuous zoom lens in the TI camera, the introduction of the DANIS provides a breakthrough in the market for ground patrol vehicles. The DANIS has already been supplied to two new defense customers for UGV patrol and for coastal protection applications and is already in operational use with great success. This new short-range low-cost observation day and night camera system is ideal for patrol along security fences and other security observation applications up to 1000 meters. The DANIS can also be used for installation security, border surveillance, Perimeter Surveillance and other Homeland Security applications. The DANIS has a remote controlled Pan and Tilt gimbal enabling Line of sight control in elevation and azimuth. The DANIS consists of two cameras: a thermal imaging Uncooled IR camera with a unique continuous Optical Zoom Lens to enable the Operator to zoom-in and zoom-out and to choose the best FOV for the operation, and a Daytime Color CCD TV Camera with a powerful Continuous Zoom lens.