New SPEED-V stabilized EO/IR observation and panoramic scanner developed specially for vehicles

CONTROP is launching the new SPEED-V – a lightweight (24kg) EO/IR gyro-stabilized system which was specially designed for ground vehicles using tall mast mounting. The SPEED-V provides long range observation capabilities from mobile vehicles for intelligence gathering purposes, as well as a panoramic scanning for intruder detection and troop protection. The state-of-the-art SPEED-V combines capabilities, technologies and expertise gained from CONTROP’s SPIDER Systems and the lightweight SPEED-A aerostat camera system, making the SPEED-V the optimal lightweight, high performance stabilized EO/IR camera system for mounting on vehicle masts for long range mobile applications. Applications for the SPEED-V include mobile security missions, mobile coastal and border surveillance, ground troops security, force protection and more.

New L-VIEW gyro-stabilized commander sight for armoured combat vehicles

CONTROP’s new gyro stabilized L-VIEW compact land (vehicle) commander sight system has successfully completed a strict evaluation and field test for a very demanding customer mounted on armoured combat vehicles. The L-VIEW was designed to answer a unique field requirement as an aide to the commander and crew of light armoured vehicles. The gyro stabilized L-VIEW enables observation while driving on dirt roads, so that the commander can have complete control of the surrounding area in panoramic view, which increases the mobile safety of the troops and provides security of access during movement. Furthermore, the system enables efficiency during fire engagements so that the commander can continue to select new targets while the gunner is engaged in the current conflict.

Other applications of the L-VIEW include observation, navigation, driving, situational awareness and force protection while providing real-time video onboard a variety of different land vehicles. A new version, the T-VIEW, will be displayed at Eurosatory 2010, which includes two cameras- an uncooled IR camera with continuous zoom lens and a daytime CCD camera.

New SPIDER LR (long range) automatic EO/IR scanning system for coastal protection

CONTROP’s new SPIDER LR long range has been supplied to another customer in Asia for long range missions. This very-long range observation system (V-LOROS) incorporates a 1,400mm IR camera with continuous optical zoom lens, a daytime 1,000mm camera and a laser range finder (LRF). The SPIDER LR is part of a family of EO/IR intruder detection systems and was designed to provide extended performance capabilities for very long range applications. In addition to observation capabilities, the system provides panoramic scanning and automatic intruder detection. The SPIDER is a long range observation system (LOROS), and has also been deployed for mobile area surveillance and 24/7 force protection. In addition, the SPIDER is used worldwide for automatic intruder detection in other important applications including security of borders, coastlines, seaports and harbours, airports, critical infrastructures and more.

SPEED-A for Persistent Surveillance on Aerostats

CONTROP’s SPEED-A payload has been delivered to another customer for persistent surveillance applications. The SPEED-A is the only payload in the world which was specifically developed for use on tactical aerostats (balloons) due to its state-of-the-art three-axis gyro-stabilized gimbal which is specially stabilized in the roll axis (for the roll movement of balloons) – in addition to the pitch and yaw axes. Weighing only 23 kg, the breakthrough SPEED-A camera payload is ideal for static balloons providing long-range performance capabilities. The SPEED-A is field proven in both Israel and in other locations with extraordinary results for base and force protection – as well as border protection – and is providing unsurpassed persistent surveillance performance.