CONTROP has introduced the new DANIS Day and Night Integrated System. Due to CONTROP’s unique continuous zoom lens in the TI Camera, the introduction of the DANIS provides a breakthrough in the market for ground patrol vehicles. The DANIS has already been supplied to two new defense customers for UGV patrol and for coastal protection applications and is already in operational use with great success. This new short-range low-cost observation day and night camera system is ideal for patrol along security fences and other security observation applications up to 1,000m.

The DANIS can also be used for installation security, border surveillance, perimeter surveillance and other homeland security applications. The DANIS has a remote controlled pan and tilt gimbal enabling line of sight control in elevation and azimuth. The DANIS consists of two cameras: a thermal imaging uncooled IR camera with a unique continuous optical zoom lens to enable the operator to zoom-in and zoom-out and to choose the best FOV for the operation, and a daytime color CCD TV camera with a powerful continuous zoom lens.