CONTROP’s CEDAR Intruder Detection System Attracting Strong International Attention for Homeland Security.

HOD HASHARON, ISRAEL 5 August 2002 – The changing international scene and growing need for intruder detection capability has placed the recently launched CEDAR Compact Electro-Optical Intruder Detection System on center stage as it attracts strong international attention for homeland security. First-hand experience in the ‘war against terrorism’ brings the focus to CONTROP as a world leader in security and defense due to the company’s innovative solutions for airborne, maritime and ground surveillance.

The CEDAR is a highly sophisticated electro-optical Day/Night Panoramic Intruder Detection System, which automatically detects intruders in a wide panoramic view in real time. This panoramic automatic intruder detection system uses a FLIR camera, which detects intruders by day and by night. The scan sector can be selected in both azimuth and elevation axes, using an accurate motorized Pan and Tilt unit. The CEDAR operates in a panoramic scan mode for intruder detection or in observation mode with live video for intruder recognition and identification. The system features multiple target detection and is integrated with an Automatic Video Tracker (AVT).

The CEDAR System has a wide variety of applications, including but not limited to perimeter security, coastal surveillance, surveillance of sensitive facilities, border control, ground troops security and more. Some of the applications found to be most popular by international customers include the surveillance of airports, power plants, fuel storage depots, oil refineries, water reservoirs, etc. The CEDAR System has been found to be one of the most sophisticated and advanced security systems available today.

About CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd.:

CONTROP specializes in the development and production of Electro-Optical and precision motion control systems. CONTROP specialists have over 25 years of experience in electro-optics, electronics, servo-control, precision mechanics and software. Main product lines include Stabilized Optronic Payloads (day/night), Intruder Detection Scanning Systems, Directional Antenna Pedestals (Airborne and Ground) and Aerial Reconnaissance Film Cameras.