CONTROP is launching the new HD STAMP – the first high-definition gyro-stabilized camera for SUAVs. The STAMP family of gyro-stabilized miniature payloads, includes the D-STAMP with a CCD camera for daylight applications and the U-STAMP with an uncooled IR dual field-of-view camera for night-time applications and the U-STAMP-Z with a continuous zoom lens. The new HD STAMP provides new opportunities for SUAVs, including surveying of power lines and other requirements where a high definition image is required. CONTROP’s STAMP Stabilized Miniature Payloads were selected as the chosen EO/IR payloads for a most important strategic mini UAV programs – the Israeli Sky Rider SUAV program, due to their unmatched high quality stabilized picture on board SUAVs! The STAMP payloads are operational in Israel and worldwide onboard SUAVs.

The STAMP payloads were designed to be carried by a miniature UAV, for tactical “Over-the-Hill” reconnaissance in daylight and/or at night. But don’t be mislead, there are a variety of other platforms on which these mini payloads can be put to good use as well, due to their mounting flexibility (horizontal or vertical up/down) – including but not limited to VTOLs, small manned aircraft, aerostats, tactical small observation balloons, manned/unmanned ground vehicles and even manned / unmanned maritime vehicles. From each of these platforms, the STAMP payloads provide a high quality and high-resolution image, unmatched by any other mini camera system.

The STAMP payloads have several unique characteristics, never before met in the small payload market: stabilization and pointing capability. Prior to now, the SUAV operators had to steer the entire aircraft to “point” at the target in order to get a complete picture of it. But even then, that picture was quite shaky and hard to put to good use. CONTROP challenged these issues and developed the first and only small-stabilized payload developed especially for SUAVs – the STAMP payloads, which provide a high quality gyro stabilized picture which is independent of the aircraft’s maneuvers and vibrations.

The D-STAMP is a daylight stabilized miniature payload with three gimbals weighing only 750g, the U-STAMP is an uncooled infrared camera with a dual field of view and the U-STAMP-Z has a X4 continuous optical zoom lens, weighing a mere 1,000 grams! These cameras are fully operational with proven performance in detecting targets with unsurpassed reliability.

CONTROP’s STAMP payloads are currently in use on a variety of SUAVs and other platforms worldwide- with tremendous success and full satisfaction from all Operators and Customers, hereby proving that the concept of a quality stabilized day and night mini payload is indeed achievable.