CONTROP’s new gyro stabilized L-VIEW compact land (vehicle) commander sight system has successfully completed a strict evaluation and field test for a very demanding customer mounted on armoured combat vehicles. The L-VIEW was designed to answer a unique field requirement as an aide to the commander and crew of light armoured vehicles. The gyro stabilized L-VIEW enables observation while driving on dirt roads, so that the commander can have complete control of the surrounding area in panoramic view, which increases the mobile safety of the troops and provides security of access during movement. Furthermore, the system enables efficiency during fire engagements so that the commander can continue to select new targets while the gunner is engaged in the current conflict.

Other applications of the L-VIEW include observation, navigation, driving, situational awareness and force protection while providing real-time video onboard a variety of different land vehicles. A new version, the T-VIEW, will be displayed at Eurosatory 2010, which includes two cameras- an Uncooled IR Camera with Continuous Zoom Lens and a daytime CCD camera.

This gyro-stabilized three gimbal system incorporates proven technologies used in small UAV payloads. The lightweight L-VIEW has a low profile and a compact structure which enables easy integration on a variety of vehicle options for a variety of different applications. The L-VIEW includes an IR camera and is particularly cost effective.

The L-VIEW features a continuous IR optical zoom lens for mission flexibility and optimization and wide FOV for driving or narrow FOV for observation. The system is gyro stabilized for quality of the image while driving on rough dirt roads and is controlled by a special payload control and display unit (PCDU). The PCDU includes a display appropriate for all light conditions, switches for full control of the system and is fully ruggedized for best mission results.