CONTROP is launching the new SPEED-V – a lightweight (24kg) EO / IR gyro-stabilised system, which was specially designed for ground vehicles using tall mast mounting. The SPEED-V provides long-range observation capabilities from mobile vehicles for intelligence gathering purposes, as well as a panoramic scanning for intruder detection and troop protection.

The state-of-the-art SPEED-V combines capabilities, technologies and expertise gained from CONTROP’s SPIDER systems and the lightweight SPEED-A aerostat camera system, making the SPEED-V the optimal lightweight, high-performance stabilised EO / IR camera system for mounting on vehicle masts for long-range mobile applications. Applications for the SPEED-V include mobile security missions, mobile coastal and border surveillance, ground troops security, force protection and more.

The SPEED-V incorporates a thermal imagine camera with continuous optical zoom lens, a CCD TV colour daytime camera, a CCD TV spotter, an eyesafe laser range finder and a laser pointer. The SPEED-V automatically detects moving targets in a wide panoramic view. It operates in two modes of operation: panoramic scan mode for automatic intruder detection and observation mode for intruder recognition, identification and tracking.