EUROSATORY 2008 – CONTROP’s family of miniature stabilised payloads were recently selected as the EO/IR payloads for an important UAV programme, and were presented in public for the first time at EUROSATORY 2008. The STAMP payloads were displayed at the CONTROP stand – hall 6, stand 240d in the Israel Pavilion.

These revolutionary new systems provide a striking look at the world we live in from the view of a mini-UAV up to 2,000ft overhead. Never before has there been an IR stabilised payload of this size – a mere 1,000g for the U-STAMP (and 750g for the D-STAMP), which can provide a clear IR image, so clear and so stable that one might think it was coming from a fixed camera on a fixed platform. These cameras have proven performance in detecting targets with unsurpassed reliability.

The new U-STAMP-Z is a miniature, lightweight, electro-optical, stabilised sensor with an uncooled IR camera which has a X4 continuous optical zoom lens. The camera provides an unsurpassed clear image with a smooth continuous zoom, giving proven reliability even in rainy conditions. In addition to the U-STAMP-Z there are other STAMP payloads as well for different applications. The D-STAMP is a daylight stabilised miniature payload with three gimbals weighing from only 750g and the U-STAMP is an uncooled infrared camera with a fixed field of view.

The STAMP payloads were designed to be carried by a miniature UAV, for tactical ‘over-the-hill’ reconnaissance in daylight and / or at night. Don’t be misled, there are a variety of other platforms on which these mini payloads can be put to good use as well, due to its mounting flexibility (horizontal or vertical up / down) – including, but not limited, to VTOLs, small manned aircraft, aerostats, tactical small observation balloons, manned / unmanned ground vehicles and even manned / unmanned maritime vehicles. From each of these platforms, the STAMP payloads provide a high quality and high-resolution image, unmatched by any other mini-stabilised camera system.

The STAMP payloads have several unique characteristics, never before met in the small payload market: stabilisation and pointing capability. Prior to now, the SUAV operators had to steer the entire aircraft to ‘point’ at the target in order to get a complete picture of it. Even then, that picture was quite shaky and hard to put to good use. CONTROP challenged these problems and developed the first and only small-stabilized payload for SUAVs – the STAMP payloads, which provide a gyro stabilised picture independent of A/C manoeuvres and vibrations.

The STAMP mini stabilised payloads have many of the capabilities of large EO payloads: gyro stabilised LOS controlled by the operator, high-quality picture in full zoom without vibrations, wide field of regard, point to coordinate accuracy, INS / GPS navigational and target tracking capabilities and more – but without the size and weight. These payloads feature a unique scanning capability.

CONTROP’s STAMP payloads are currently in use on a variety of SUAVs and other platforms worldwide – with tremendous success and full satisfaction from all operators and customers, thereby proving that the concept of a quality stabilised day and night mini-payload is indeed achievable.