EUROSATORY 2008 – CONTROP systems SPIDER and CEDAR were designed especially to deal with different air field management and vessel traffic management applications. These applications include, but are not limited to: the management of air fields for surveillance and for security, coastal surveillance and security, safety of navigation, protection of harbors and marine environments, and many other security related missions.

These systems are currently in daily operational service by the Israel Defense Forces: the Israeli Ground Forces, the Israeli Navy and the Israeli Air Force. They are in current operation providing airbase protection in a very large-scale surveillance and security of air fields program. The systems also operate in a large coastal surveillance and protection program in South-East Asia, and were selected to fully protect the Gioia.

SPIDER and CEDAR systems’ main capabilities include long-range surveillance and observation combined in one system, with automatic and panoramic detection of intruders and movements in the scanned area. The systems create a full panoramic view which gives the operator amazing and unsurpassed orientation capability, in order to control virtually any event.

These systems provide a complete and constantly updated panoramic picture, while constantly scanning the entire view, tracking all moving objects, automatically alerting of all new movements and allowing immediate identification of all relevant targets. They have been successfully integrated in many different projects with coastal radar systems, AIS systems and other sensors, to provide the operator with full coverage of the area of interest.