EUROSATORY 2008 – CONTROP FOX cameras were showcased at EUROSATORY 2008. Visitors were invited to the CONTROP booth in the Israel Pavilion (hall 6, stand 240d) to actually operate this unique IR camera with a ‘hands on’ approach. The operator can zoom in and zoom out with the specialised unique continuous zoom FLIR lens, a technology not matched by any other infrared camera provider. This unique feature enables the operator to keep focus and clear sight of the target while getting a closer look during continuous zoom with the FLIR lens; unheard of in other IR cameras.

Whereas most thermal imagers have incremental zoom capabilities, with three fields of view and magnification levels, the FOX continuous zoom feature provides a smooth transition between fields of view for surveillance, target acquisition and then close-up identification of a target.

FOX cameras have several unique features setting them apart from other cameras on the market. The continuous FLIR zoom lens makes this camera so ‘user friendly’ that once tried, the users don’t want to go back to the incremental FLIR zoom known in other payloads. In addition, the improved image algorithms enable a high quality image even when there is a ‘hot spot’ in the picture (an explosion, a fire, etc).

FOX InSb detector thermal imaging cameras with continuous zoom lenses are now available in three different magnifications – x12.5, x22.5 and x36 – allowing a flexible configuration suitable to any specific application. Furthermore, all this is in a small sized camera with a very lightweight configuration.

This most popular camera has met great interest in Europe, as it has in the rest of Asia, North America and other regions.