Paris, France, EUROSATORY 2006 – the CONTROP CEDAR panoramic automatic intruder detection system has arrived at EUROSATORY 2006 as an operating system.

This is an opportunity for visitors to the CONTROP booth in the Israel Pavilion, Hall 6, Stand F-39/10 to actually operate this surveillance system with a “hands on” approach. And everyone knows that seeing, and doing for oneself, is believing.

Time and time again, the CEDAR is the chosen virtual fence to protect important facilities, most often following a rigid comparison study of security systems available on the international market. In fact, the CEDAR was part of an integrated program designed for the security and defense of the Olympic Games in Athens. In Greece, the CEDAR Systems provided ground and coastal protection and defense against a wide variety of possible intruders by land and by sea. The CEDAR provided day and night protection of the Greek ports and harbors in the fight against terrorism and intrusions, when thousands of athletes and enthusiasts visited the Greek capital in August, 2004. Since then, the CEDAR has been chosen to provide port and harbor protection for a number of major and strategic ports in Europe and elsewhere, to the great satisfaction of its Operators and Customers.

The CEDAR System is part of a ‘family’ of Automatic Intruder Detection Systems developed by CONTROP, that create a ‘virtual fence’ around the protected perimeter, offering automatic, passive detection from intruders both by day and by night, for civilian and military applications. These systems automatically detect changes in a wide scanned panoramic view, in real time. Due to the fact that these systems scan at a rate much faster (up to 10 times faster) than state-of-the-art scanning VMD systems, and due to the fact that they can provide very long-range detection capabilities, the CONTROP systems can protect a very wide area most cost effectively.

Since then, CONTROP continues to exhibit the importance of such a system worldwide, and the CEDAR – together with another product in the ‘family’ of Automatic Intruder Detection Systems – the SPIDER, continue to be the chosen systems for the protection of some of the world’s most important and challenging surveillance programs.

Recently, these systems were chosen in a program by two ‘undisclosed countries’ for coastal surveillance, for a contract whose value is $7 million. In another important recent program, CONTROP SPIDER/CEDAR Systems were chosen by an ‘undisclosed country’ to provide airbase protection and surveillance, a contract whose value exceeds $3 million.

The CEDAR Compact Electro-Optical Intruder Detection System is a highly sophisticated electro-optical Day/Night Panoramic Intruder Detection System, which automatically detects intruders while scanning a desired wide area or section. The scan sector may be selected in both azimuth and elevation axes, whereby the wide dynamic range is provided by an accurate motorized Pan and Tilt Unit. The CEDAR System operates in a panoramic Scan Mode for multiple intruder detection as a primary mode of operation, and may be switched to full Observation Mode for detected target recognition and identification. A state-of-the-art continuous optical zoom for both the CCD and the FLIR cameras provides a powerful tool for target recognition and identification while in Observation Mode.

First-hand experience in the war against terror and years of field operational experience places the Israeli CONTROP Precision Technologies LTD alongside other world leaders as providers of security and defense solutions.

Innovation, quality, cost effectiveness and state-of-the-art Electro Optic Systems, characterizes the fine surveillance and reconnaissance systems designed by CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd., for airborne, maritime and ground surveillance applications. The changing international scene and growing need for intruder detection capability has been key to CONTROP‘s success in recent years, and to the company’s being awarded these important and prestigious contracts.