Adder Technology manufactures and supplies connectivity solutions that offer military personnel real-time, secure and reliable access to highly sensitive data and video content.

Increasing amounts of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) data collected by military and defence organisations must be analysed and distributed with decision-makers to ensure mission success.

Adder is an industry-leader in connectivity and high-performance IP keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) solutions. The company develops products that allow users to make informed and fast decisions in mission-critical situations.


Advanced networking solutions to enhance military data security

Defence and intelligence operations are experiencing growing threat levels, from both internal and external sources. Therefore, they require the highest levels of digital and physical security in order to protect sensitive data.

Conventional audio/video (AV) and IT systems do not provide the necessary levels of protection against these threats, meaning military and federal agencies require alternative solutions.

Adder’s high-performance IP KVM solutions enable resources to be consolidated into a secure server room. This creates a physical air gap between the user and data, alleviating internal and external threats.

By eliminating physical access to computers, the risks posed by access to network ports, hard drives and USB ports is reduced. The ability to assign user access controls ensures that unauthorised personnel cannot access data.

Enhance collaboration and improve situational awareness

Adder’s IP KVM solutions operate in a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) framework and have been developed to improve situational awareness, providing authorised users with instant access to any data source in a collaborative or secure environment.

Fast-switching technology provides users with real-time access to various data sources without any compromise on latency or video quality.

Agile mission control for challenging defence requirements

As the scope of missions evolves and team sizes adjust to respond accordingly, it is crucial that the technology and resources deployed are able to adapt.

The use of IP KVM means military organisations can quickly and easily reconfigure control rooms to meet the demands of the mission. They can also flex and expand systems to allow for wider access functionality and sharing.

Adder’s solutions are designed for full redundancy to meet these requirements and provide remote back-up in the event of system failure, ensuring optimal operational up-time.

Adder’s high-performance IP KVM solutions are trusted by military and federal agencies to protect sensitive data, ensuring that information can be securely collected, analysed and shared in real-time without any security, accuracy or quality risks.