Oxley Supplies Low Profile Anti-Collision Lights to BAE Systems HERTI Programme

Oxley Developments Company, a leading designer and manufacturer of LED aircraft lighting systems, has recently completed delivery of a suite of external lights to BAE Systems for use on their HERTI unmanned air vehicle (UAV).

Following the supply of brand new wing-tip and tail lights in the latter half of 2008, Oxley has now successfully designed and supplied low profile anti-collision lights that combine a robust, lightweight design with a high intensity output.

The issues of size, weight and optical performance are critical factors when considering external lighting for aircraft in general and UAVs in particular. BAE
Systems specified a requirement from the outset for an anti-collision light that adhered to strict space and weight criteria whilst at the same time offering a strong optical performance.

The Oxley ROTOX 400 anti-collision light produces an effective intensity of greater than 400 candela and its light output meets both JAR-23 and JAR-25 regulations. However, with a protruding height of less than 50mm and weighing less than 750g, the lights are designed to fit inside relatively small space envelopes and also boast low power consumption. The ROTOX is also designed with EMI issues in mind and complies with RTCA DO-160D and MIL-STD-461E.

The suite of wing-tip, tail and anti-collision lights installed on the HERTI UAV has been designed with other UAV and fixed-wing applications in mind. Customised options including NVIS friendly and covert variants are also available. All of the lights feature the benefits of LED technology including high mean time between failure (MTBF) rates and low through-life maintenance costs.

Oxley is exhibiting at this year’s Paris Air Show taking place 15-21 June at Le Bourget. We can be found on the NWAA stand in Hall 2B-G93.

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