CONTROP System Descriptions to EUROSATORY 2006 - Airforce Technology
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CONTROP System Descriptions to EUROSATORY 2006

Paris, France, EUROSATORY 2006 – CONTROP Precision Technologies LTD. is exhibiting not one, not two but three operating optronic cameras, D-STAMP, DSP-1 and CEDAR, at EUROSATORY 2006, in the Israel Pavilion at Hall 6, Stand F-39/10.


D-STAMP payload is a miniature, lightweight, electro-optical, stabilized, airborne sensor, which was designed to be carried by a miniature UAV, for tactical ‘Over the Hill’ reconnaissance in daylight and optionally at night. The D-STAMP operates in Observation Mode, providing real time live video. The D-STAMP is designed for mini-UAVs having a flight profile of 20kt to 40kt velocity and 500ft -2,000ft altitude. The D-STAMP is very lightweight, weighing only 650g and is highly cost effective. The D-STAMP uses a high-resolution color CCD camera with 10x optical zoom lens for daylight observation and has an option for night observation capability. The chosen mini stabilized payload by Israel MOD following many recent flight programs.


CEDAR is a highly sophisticated electro-optical Day/Night Automatic Panoramic Intruder Detection System, which automatically detects motion in a wide panoramic view in real time. The CEDAR is part of a ‘family’ of unique Automatic Intruder Detection Systems providing solutions for ground, air and maritime security. Each of the systems in this series creates a ‘virtual fence’, offering innovative automatic and passive intruder detection solutions where most required. These state-of-the-art systems serve as passive Electro-optical ‘imaging radar’, scanning a designated area, and providing protection for a wide range of security and surveillance applications. The SPIDER and CEDAR Systems are operating daily, worldwide for the protection of important facilities, borders and coastlines.


DSP-1 is a high resolution, high performance Dual Sensor Stabilized Payload. DSP-1 is a compact Day/Night observation system especially configured for use on UAVs, light reconnaissance aircraft, and helicopters. DSP-1 is a four-gimbal system, gyro-stabilized in azimuth and elevation allowing the EO Sensors’ lines of sight to be aimed and maintained stabilized. The system uses two camera channels: InSb detector Thermal Imaging channel with continuous x22.5 zoom lens and a high resolution color CCD Daylight channel with a x20 zoom lens. The DSP-1 is easily integrated onto a wide variety of carrying vehicles thorough a flexible configuration suitable to any specific application. In daily operational use in Israel and worldwide on board UAVs, helicopters, light aircraft and maritime vehicles.

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