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Oxley is a pioneer of optical and LED lighting technology with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of aircraft lighting systems. Oxley is internationally renowned for its aircraft upgrades and components, which are designed for day and night operations where night vision goggles (NVG) or night vision imaging systems (NVIS) are to be used.

LED Lighting and Night Vision Solutions

As a world leader in LED lighting and night vision solutions, Oxley has a total capability in design and manufacture. This is supported by in-house optical coating, precision machining, assembly and test facilities enabling rapid turnaround of proto-type developments, modifications and UOR requirements.

Oxley specialises in the production of LED indicators and interconnect products. The production of EMI filters is a long established area of the business and Oxley has extensive facilities dedicated to the design, prototype and production of discretes, ceramic planar arrays multi-way products for the removal of unwanted electro-magnetic interference.

Aircraft Lighting Products

Established in 1942, Oxley was involved in the UK’s first NVG compatible cockpit conversion for the UK Ministry of Defence, coined the term ‘NVG Friendly’, and has registered many patents for lighting technology developments. From fleet-wide upgrades and cockpit components to external LED lighting, Oxley has products and solutions to meet any aircraft lighting requirement.

External LED Lighting

Oxley has a range of customised and off-the-shelf LED lighting designs for all external positions, whether for technological enhancement or to convert aircraft for use with NVGs.

  • Landing
  • Taxi
  • Navigation
  • Tail position
  • Formation
  • Anti-collision
  • Fuel probe
  • Strobe
  • Electronic control units

The latest advancements include the next-generation LED taxi and landing lights. These are low wattage, lightweight and have been designed to deliver full performance over the whole aircraft operating temperature range. The peak intensity of the landing light is 400,000cd and the taxi light is 42,000cd; both lights are NVG Friendly, don’t require replacement bulbs, are resistant to shock and vibration and have a MTBF of over 10,000 hours.

Cockpit Lighting

Oxley has a wide range of MIL-STD-3009 NVG compatible components available, and offers a full night vision cockpit upgrade service.

  • Equipment modifications
  • Optical filters
  • Bridges
  • Bezels
  • Panel lamps
  • Type III caps
  • T1 LED bulb replacements
  • Edge lit panels
  • Indicators

Internal LED Lighting

Oxley provides standard and customised solutions in standard LED visible and night vision technologies for cabin, cargo bay, loading ramp, exit, walkways and general illumination.

  • Emergency egress
  • Dome
  • Area
  • Mini floodlight

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Press Release

Oxley Group Helps Front Line Workers with PPE Manufacture

Oxley Group has responded to the Covid-19 crisis by designing and manufacturing vital PPE equipment to support front line health workers in the NHS and the care sector.

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Press Release

21 April 2020

Oxley Group has responded to the Covid-19 crisis by designing and manufacturing vital PPE equipment to support front line health workers in the NHS and the care sector.

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8 January 2019

The board and shareholders of Oxley Group are pleased to announce the appointment of Darren Cavan as the new CEO of Oxley Group.

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29 August 2017

Oxley Group has secured its position as leading the global market in aerospace LED lighting after being selected by Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) to develop the full external lighting system on the new KF-X and IF-X Fighter Aircraft programme.

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8 August 2017

Oxley Group is pleased to announce it has been shortlisted in the prestigious 2017 Business Awards for Best Manufacturing Business.

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3 August 2017

Oxley Group subsidiary Oxley Inc. has received a Supplier Excellence Award from Raytheon for its performance in 2016.

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22 May 2017

The Oxley team will be exhibiting at the AP&M show between 31 May - 1 June at Olympia London. The show is the leading networking event for the commercial aviation aftermarket and the Oxley team will be on Stand F-52.

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21 May 2017

Following the successful launch of the Oxley Par 64 LED Replacement Landing Light, Oxley has now been granted a PMA providing FAA approval for the replacement of incandescent bulbs on aircraft. The PMA grants approval for the replacement of 4559, Q4559X, Q4559, Q5559, 4557, 4557X, 5557 and 5557X bulbs.

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11 May 2017

Oxley is delighted to be selected for inclusion on a Commonwealth Trade Mission to Malaysia and Singapore to further exports in two important markets.

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11 April 2017

Oxley has appointed Japan Aerospace Corporation (JAC) as its new Japanese representative.

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9 April 2017

Oxley has announced the launch of a new NVIS-compatible rear mount LED indicator, STR502. The STR502 lamp has been designed to meet an increasing customer demand for high-specification, rear mounted panel lamps with special features.

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3 November 2016

Saab unveiled its first next-generation Gripen E aircraft at the company facility in Linkoping, Sweden. Oxley is proud to supply LED lighting to the Gripen E programme.

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28 August 2015

Oxley is a leading designer and manufacturer of LED lighting, night-vision products, EMI filters and electronic components.

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16 July 2015

A new optical filter range has been introduced by Oxley.

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18 May 2015

The latest aircraft lighting development from Oxley Group is the launch of a new PAR 64 LED sealed beam replacement lamp.

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22 October 2014

Oxley Group is leading an LED lighting revolution for commercial aviation with the development of a ground-breaking set of external lights for the new models of Gulfstream executive jet.

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21 October 2014

Oxley Group was the proud winner of the Exporter of the Year award at the recent CN Group Business Awards.

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7 October 2014

The Oxley team will be exhibiting at DPRTE 2014 later this week.

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29 August 2014

Oxley Group has been shortlisted as a finalist for Exporter of the Year in the prestigious CN Group Business Awards.

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18 June 2014

Nine apprentices from Oxley Developments narrowly missed out on a top three position in the search for the official 'Apprentice Team of the Year' following a grueling six-month challenge against some of the countries top leading apprentice employers and training providers.

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28 May 2014

Oxley has received a production order for the supply of 140 shipsets of lights with delivery starting in August and continuing through to October 2015.

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27 March 2014

Oxley Developments is delighted to announce the launch of a new 10mm LED panel lamp.

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2 January 2014

Oxley Developments is making its biggest investment in apprentices in 15 years, and has plans for a further intake in 2014.

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13 November 2013

The Oxley Group Board has conducted a review of its business and is re-aligning its strategic direction and its management processes to ensure that the full potential of the Group is achieved.

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7 November 2013

Oxley Developments was the proud recipient of two awards at the recent CN Group Business Awards.

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14 October 2013

Oxley Developments has been shortlisted in two categories for the prestigious CN Group Business Awards.

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9 October 2013

Representatives from the Boeing project team working on the next-generation KC-46 tanker programme for the US Air Force toured new production facilities during their visit to Oxley in Ulverston.

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13 June 2013

Oxley's partners Euromip will be displaying Oxley LED aircraft lighting and range of components at the Paris Airshow 2013, which will take place between June 17-23.

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20 May 2013

Oxley is exhibiting its LED vehicle lighting solutions and comprehensive components range at the 2013 DVD Show, taking place at Millbrook on 19-20 June.

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28 February 2013

Oxley will be exhibiting at the annual NDI Conference, 'Collaborating for Growth', which will be held on Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 6 March at Lancashire County Cricket Club, Manchester, UK.

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26 February 2013

Oxley's partner Defcon Technologies will be exhibiting Oxley solutions at this year's Australian International Airshow and Aerospace Defence Exposition, Avalon 2013. The event starts today and runs until March 3 in Geelong, Australia.

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27 November 2012

The new High Intensity LED Landing Light from Oxley Developments has been announced as a finalist in the Solid-State Lighting Application Category of the 2012 Elektra Awards.

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15 May 2012

Oxley Developments have developed a new range of 8mm mounting low-profile sealed LED indicators in response to existing customer feedback and market demand.

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19 March 2012

Oxley Developments Co has secured a contract to supply suites of its external dual mode (visible and covert) LED lights and control units for the Agusta Bell 212 helicopters, currently in service with the Spanish Air Force.

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19 March 2012

The global need for smaller and lighter devices has led to increased demand for Micro D high-contact density interconnects.

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9 February 2012

The popular BA9 bulb replacement from Oxley Developments Company has been redesigned, incorporating the latest surface mount technology to improve performance and expand capability.

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26 January 2012

Oxley Developments Company has announced its certification to AS9100C.

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2 March 2011

Oxley Developments has been selected to supply its innovative, dual-mode LED lighting to illuminate the crew quarters in Foxhound, the new British armed forces patrol vehicle. Foxhound is the British army name for Ocelot, the light protected patrol vehicle (LPPV) designed and developed

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19 July 2010

Oxley Developments has been awarded a prestigious contract to supply aircraft navigation LED lights to the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) for their Atlante unmanned air vehicle (UAV) program. Oxley will supply a full suite of external lights for the Atlante aircraf

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13 December 2009

Oxley Developments is pleased to welcome a new Board member, Steve Wood, as Operations Director. Steve worked for 13 years at the MoD, principally with the Army, in supply, logistics, project management and personnel management before moving into HR management in 1995 at American firm Johnson Co

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16 November 2009

Oxley has introduced a new series of bipolar LEDs to its extensive range of LED incandescent bulb replacements. Designed to replace standard BA9 and E10 incandescent bulbs in push button switches and panel instrumentation the ELEDs are suitable for use in rail, power and oil and gas app

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14 September 2009

Utilizing knowledge and expertise in the field of night vision lighting, Oxley has designed and manufactured a suite of LED deck lights for naval and marine platforms. Compromising deck edge units, deck wash and line up lights they are designed as a complete fit and forget replacement for incand

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15 June 2009

Oxley Developments Company, a leading designer and manufacturer of LED aircraft lighting systems, has recently completed delivery of a suite of external lights to BAE Systems for use on their HERTI unmanned air vehicle (UAV). Following the supply of brand new wing-tip and tail lights in

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15 September 2005

A breakthrough in Health and Usage Monitoring technology is being launched by Oxley at the Defence Systems and Equipment Exhibition (DSEi) 2005 at Excel in London on 13th – 16th September. This new miniature health and usage system, known as Oxley M-HUMS will be demonstrated on t

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15 September 2005

The new updated Oxley e-tag™ evaluation kit is available to purchase as a result of unprecedented demand from potential users of e-logistic systems. It is equipped with the latest USB Compatible Reader probe and contains three e-tag contact memory buttons, a windows DataloxT

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