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Rapidly Deployable Engineered Membrane Structures for Airforce Applications

PO Box 62,
Maple Leaf Road,
Alberta T0L 0A0 Canada

PO Box 62,
Maple Leaf Road,
Alberta T0L 0A0 Canada

Sprung Instant Structures

Sprung manufactures stressed membrane structures for airforce applications. They are designed to be an economic and efficient method of accommodating enclosed space.

This state-of-the-art building solution comprises high-tension, architectural membrane panels within a non-corroding aluminium substructure.

An optional, energy-efficient, high-performance Johns Manville formaldehyde-free insulation package is also available.

Features include:

  • Speed of delivery and construction
  • Widths from 9.1m to 60.9m (30ft to 200ft) by any length
  • Large variety of cargo and hangar doors options
  • Energy-efficient insulation package
  • Re-locatable, clear span design
  • Limited foundation requirements
  • Lightweight, aluminium substructure to reduce transportation costs

Alternative to pre-engineered metal and conventional buildings

Sprung structures can be shipped from inventory and erected at a rate of up to 2,000ft² (186m²) per day, and businesses can open ahead of schedule or quickly expand production.

The structures are expandable and re-locatable due to a modular clear span design. They may be disassembled, moved and completely reconfigured.

If appropriate soil conditions exist, foundations are not required on structures up to 48.8m (160ft), enabling time and cost-effective solutions.

A virtually air-tight membrane building envelope combined with a fully lofted fibreglass insulation package ensures maximum heating and cooling performance in any location.

With more than 12,000 structures built in 100 countries worldwide, Sprung ensures exceptional service and support. We offer a 30-year guarantee on rust proof aluminium substructure and up to a 20-year guarantee on architectural membrane.

Application purposes within the defence industry

Sprung engineered membrane structures can be widely used within the defence industry for applications such as optional aircraft hangar doors, which include:

  • Telescoping door design (TDS)
  • Vertical lifting fabric doors
  • Hydraulic lifting doors
  • Centre point rotation doors

Other membrane structures consist of on-site warehousing for lease or purchase and adding immediate extra capacity, museums for unique exhibit space, matching membrane colours and graphics and connecting corridors for seamless transition, recreation applications such as gymnasiums, weight rooms, pool enclosures, racquet sports and arenas.

The food services membrane structure diverts snow and rain from entrances with the help of its protective doorhoods and vestibules, and features an optional fibreglass insulation package that provides ideal heating and cooling efficiency.

About Sprung

A member of the Sprung Group of Companies, established in 1887, Sprung Structures has been providing internationally recognised fabri structures since the late 1970s.

With more than 12,000 structures installed worldwide, the company ensures exceptional service and support and offers a 30-year guarantee on rustproof aluminium substructures, as well as a guarantee on architectural membranes.

Sprung Structures Ltd

PO Box 62

Maple Leaf Road


Alberta T0L 0A0