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AMA is a privately owned Italian company, specialised in the design and manufacturing of fuel and water handling systems. Our products range from bulk fuel and water installations for rapid deployment up to and including semi-permanent and permanent solutions, for diesel, petrol, jet fuel and water. The technology provided comprehends flexible and containerised solutions for storage tanks and refuelling / water distribution systems.

AMA Depot Facilities and Fuelling Equipment meet the latest JIG 4 Standard and EI recommended practices. AMA’s systems are integrated with first quality COTS products, meeting specific international standards.

Aviation fuel trailer (AFT)

The Aviation Fuel Trailer (AFT) is designed to perform the following operations even in remote areas without infrastructures:

  • Fuel receipt from a road tanker or fuel carrying aircraft
  • Fuel transfer and filtration within installations (bladder to bladder; tank to tank)
  • De-fuelling an aircraft
  • Re-fuelling an aircraft

AFT is available in different flow-rates and executions. The main components are:

  • Steel structure welded on a chassis with fifth wheel
  • Diesel driven engine C/W spark arrestor
  • Inlet / outlet manifold with self-seal adapters
  • Positive displacement pump with inlet filter
  • Filter water separator or filter monitor meeting EI 1581 / EI 1583 latest standards
  • Flow meter
  • Hose reel with aviation re-fuelling hose
  • Overwing / underwing nozzles
  • SS fuel recovery tank for the collection of drained and fuel samples
  • All necessary safety devices

Jet fuel containerised refuelling systems (JP8, F43 or JET A-1)

AMA offers containerised storage and re-fuelling systems available in ISO 20ft or 40ft containers (DROP Container if required), which allow safe storage and re-fuelling operations.

The main components are:

  • Electrical centrifugal and/or positive displacement pump
  • Positive displacement meter with air eliminator
  • Filter water separator and monitor filter with differential pressure gauges
  • Fuel sampling
  • Hose-reel with re-fuelling hose and underwing / overwing nozzle
  • Explosion-proof electrical control panel
  • Generator for electrical power supply of the system
  • All necessary piping, valves and instrumentation for correct and safe operation of the system

The storage capacity can be increased by connecting containerised storage modules in parallel. Containerised storage and re-fuelling systems are also available with a similar concept and design for diesel or petrol applications.

Jet fuel above ground storage tanks

AMA’s storage tanks are available in various capacities up to 100’000 L. Depending on the required fuel depot capacity, the storage tanks can be configured for ‘in parallel’, ‘stand alone’ and/or ‘skid mounted’ configuration.

The AST main technical characteristics are:

  • Single or double wall type with inner shell in epoxy coated carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Floating suction
  • Overfill prevention valve – sensors
  • Leak detection systems
  • Low point sump with drain line
  • Inspection hatch
  • Normal and emergency vent on request
  • Stainless steel piping
  • Hot dip galvanised stair, walkway and handrail

AMA’s Loading – Unloading System ‘LUS’ is a consolidated unit complete with all elements required to transfer aviation fuel into holding tanks – transport tanks.

The LUS general design includes separate lines for fuel unloading and loading, each fitted with self-priming pump, filter-water separator and ancillaries. It can also be configured for aircraft re-fueling.

Bulk fuel installations for rapid deployment (jet fuel / diesel)

Predominantly used but not restricted to remote inaccessible areas, we can provide complete turnkey solutions, consisting of collapsible tanks (bladders) for bulk fuel storage and all necessary pumping, filtration and dispensing equipment.

These bulk fuel installations are capable of delivering the complete range of fuel handling requirements:

  • Re-fuelling of fixed and rotary wing aircraft
  • Fuel receipt from aircraft or bowser
  • Fuel transfer to re-fuellers or bladders
  • Re-circulation within the installation

Further enhancing the capability, we have a wide range of fuel transfer pumps (FTP) with various flow rates, with or without filtering systems, which can be connected to the bulk fuel installation. We can also provide kerbside vehicle re-fuelling stations complete with fiscal or non-fiscal dispensers.

Aircraft refuelling cabinets for aviation fuel dispensal

AMA Aircraft re-fuelling cabinets are specifically designed in accordance with the customer requirements to dispense safely dry and clean aviation fuel into an aircraft. The system flow rate can vary from 120 to 800 l/min.

Our services

Our services include all aspects of technical and operational support through the life cycle of any project:

  • Site assessment and feasibility studies
  • Installation design and site commissioning
  • On-site staff training and certification
  • Spares provisioning
  • Equipment calibration
  • Equipment maintenance and repair
  • Supervision of temporary site de-commissioning

Other fuel handling and specialist equipment

  • Air portable fuel cells and seal drums
  • Transportable tanks
  • Containers for storage and dispensing of lubricants
  • Containers for storage of waste oils and lubricants
  • Underground fuel tanks
  • Containerised workshop facilities
  • Containerised mobile water / fuel distribution and sewage collection systems
  • Forward areas refuelling systems
  • Aviation fuel test equipment
  • Mobile fuel and water transfer pumps

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Supplier of Global Solutions for Aviation Fuel Handling

AMA's AFT, FTP and PRP Mobile Systems, trailer or cart mounted, are designed and manufactured to facilitate fuel handling operations at locations where conventional systems are not available, for rapid deployment and / or temporary projects.

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