Rapid Deployment of Bulk Fuel Installations

Over the last few years AMA has been involved in the supply, logistic support and commissioning of ground and aviation fuel-handling equipment and installations for numerous peacekeeping and military operations all over the world, especially in the African continent.

Our competitive advantage of customising products to meet the needs of our customers, along with our flexibility and proved experience in deploying, installing and commissioning fuel-handling systems for jet fuel, diesel or petrol in remote locations, qualifies us as a reliable and efficient partner for your logistics operations.


During the last two years AMA has been a key partner and support to the logistics operations of peacekeeping missions in Sudan. Our company delivered, installed and commissioned all fuel-related equipment needed in the country.

The concept adopted in this operation was rapid deployment and installation of fuel sites in strategic positions. This concept combines collapsible tanks (bladders) made of vulcanised rubber with adequate pumping and fuel filtering systems. Approximately 25 sites have been commissioned by our technicians. The total installed storage capacity for diesel and jet fuel in all sites was approximately 13 million litres (3.5 million US gallons).


One key component in these bulk fuel installations has been our Aviation Fuel Trailer (AFT). The AFT is a complete system designed for handling aviation turbine fuel in the field. Its compact and sturdy structure, together with reliable components, meets the requirements of technicians involved in fuel handling operations in remote areas such as those in Sudan.

The AFT is connected to a set of bladders of various capacities from 45m³ to 250m³, and allows the fuel receipt from a road tanker, the fuel receipt from fuel carrying aircraft, the fuel transfer and filtration within the installation (bladder to bladder and / or tank to tank), the fuel transfer to tanker and finally the refuelling of aircrafts. The AFT can be easily manoeuvred in the airfield by means of a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Extreme climate conditions like high temperatures, UV radiation, ozone exposure, and sand abrasion can affect the integrity of the rubber and reduce the lifetime of any bladder, no matter which material or manufacturing process has been used. In such cases, and in order to prevent possible bladder bursts, we recommend the replacement of the bladders with permanent or semi-permanent systems.

The most adequate solution for these tasks are containerised storage and refuelling systems. In fact, during the last years, we have been asked by our clients to replace bladder fuel farms with more robust and permanent equipment. We have designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned large quantities of containerised fuel storage and refuelling systems in the form of 20ft and 40ft containers.

The containerised solution offers easy transportation and rapid installation of ready to use equipment. Furthermore, the system is protected from bad weather conditions and from possible manumissions. In order to increase the storage capacity of the system, the master unit can be connected to a battery of 20ft or 40ft containerised storage modules.

As a supplier of total solutions for fuel handling applications, our services include all aspects of technical and operational support through the lifecycle of an equipment including site assessment, installation design, site commissioning, training and site decommissioning.

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