Military electronics, subsystems and components form the backbone of missile defence systems, army and air force electronic warfare systems, command and control systems, and navigation and communication systems deployed by defence forces. Military electronics manufacturers, therefore, play a crucial role within the modern defence industry due to the capabilities they are able to provide.

Leading military electronics, subsystems and components manufacturers

Airforce Technology has listed electronics, subsystems and components manufacturers based on its expertise in the defence sector. The list includes established suppliers of air force electronics, unmanned aerial drone subsystems, and electronic components for aerial platforms, wearable devices, command and control, and navigation and communication systems.

The information available in the download is useful for strategists, procurement officers, engineers, system integrators, technicians, electronics maintenance personnel, and other individuals involved in the acquisition, operation and maintenance of electronics and subcomponents onboard military platforms.

The download also provides detailed information on the manufacturers and suppliers, as well as their product offerings and contact details to aid with purchasing decisions.

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Electronics, subsystems and components for the military

Electronics, subsystems and components for defence forces include, but are not limited to:

  • Avionics subsystems for military applications
  • Aviation hardware and software systems
  • Electronic components for the air force and military
  • Military avionics manufacturing, testing and maintenance services
  • Embedded systems for military and defence applications
  • High-quality electronic and electromechanical components for military environments
  • Airborne microwave wideband antennae and subsystems
  • Microwave subsystems for air force applications
  • Connectors, cables and cable systems for avionics

Applications of state-of-the-art electronics, subsystems and components

Modern electronics, avionics and subsystems are essential for ensuring the reliability and performance of critical aerial assets such as trainer, combat, utility and transport aircraft, as well as helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Integrating advanced military-grade electronics and components into command and control centres, tactical data links, missiles, air defence and weapon control systems, and defence satellites helps increase the chances of mission success in adverse and rapidly changing environments.