Deploying technologically superior military aircraft has become imperative to strengthen a nation’s land, air and sea-based defence capabilities providing significant opportunities to not just the largest military aircraft manufacturers but also to smaller players. Rapid advancements in aerospace technologies have led major armed forces around the world to replace and modernise their ageing military aircraft fleets.

The global military fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft markets are projected to grow by more than 3% and 2% a year, respectively, during 2020-2030, according to estimates by GlobalData.

Finding top military aircraft manufacturers

Airforce Technology has compiled a list of military aircraft manufacturers based on its intel, insights and expertise in the sector.

The list includes some of the top military aircraft companies that specialise in the design, manufacturing and supply of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters for a broad range of military applications.

The information contained within the download document is useful for warfare strategists, armed forces commanders, senior procurement executives, system engineers, air defence systems specialists, technicians, maintenance supervisors, and any other individual involved in the acquisition, operation and maintenance of military aircraft.

The download contains detailed information on major military aircraft manufacturers and their product lines, alongside contact details to aid your purchasing decision.

Types and uses of military aircraft

Armed forces use special-purpose aircraft and helicopters to carry out different missions including combat, airlift, reconnaissance, aerial refuelling, as well as airborne surveillance, communications and battle management.

The types of aircraft used for military purposes include, but are not limited to:

· Fixed-wing multi-role combat aircraft

· Dedicated bombers and interceptors

· Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft

· Transport aircraft

· Tanker aircraft

· Training and light attack aircraft

· Attack helicopters

· Maritime helicopters

· Transport and utility helicopters, and

· Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

Advancements in military aircraft technology

With the developed and developing nations increasingly aspiring to have the most modern fighting capabilities, the global demand for fifth-generation combat aircraft is expected to grow significantly in the years to come.

The biggest military aircraft manufacturers continue research and development to further enhance the speed, agility, situational awareness, and stealth and precision attack capabilities of fighter aircraft that can undertake a swifter and larger offensive at a shorter notice.

While vertical lift aircraft, with combined capabilities of aeroplanes and helicopters and requiring limited logistical support to operate, could be the next big development in military aircraft technology, major military aircraft manufacturing companies are also focused on the design and development of versatile and cost-effective unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and high-altitude platform systems (HAPS) for military use.

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