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The year in review: 2012’s top air force stories

Key headlines from 2012 include continued problems with the F-22 programme and North Korea’s successful rocket launch. wraps up the top stories of the year.

Stealth vs brute force: is the trade-off worth it?

As its future all-stealth fleet of F-22s and F-35s begins to take shape, the USAF has come under heavy friendly fire. Liam Stoker examines the veracity of claims that the inclusion of stealth risks weakening the aircraft’s range, adaptability and weapon strength, endangering the fleet as a whole.

November’s top stories: upgraded Iron Dome system tested

Israel test fired an upgraded version of its Iron Dome missile defence system just weeks before an escalation of the conflict in Gaza. wraps up the key headlines from November 2012.

October’s top stories: Russian arms deals and Waverider testing

As Russia announced arms deals with Iraq and India, the US Air Force revealed the fate of its X-51A Waverider programme. profiles October 2012’s top stories.

BAE switches on F-35 production line

BAE Systems has switched on a new, state-of-the-art production line for the fifth generation F-35 Lightning aircraft at the company’s facility in Samlesbury, UK.

September’s top stories: further F-35 developments

The US Air Force’s F-35 programme made further advancements, as Russia’s Su-30SM made its maiden test flight. wraps up the key headlines from September 2012.

Pre-emptive strike: how the US could neutralise Iran

Should Iran continue to ignore threats regarding its nuclear programme, just how could the US neutralise the nation? A recent report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies has detailed what strategy the superpower could use if it were to launch such a campaign.

August’s top stories: WaveRider fails again as Syrian Air Force loses further aircraft

The US Air Force’s experimental X-51A WaveRider failed another test as Syria lost further fighter jets at rebel hands. wraps up the key headlines from August 2012.

How to hush an air force jet engine – stick a sponge in it

As hearing-loss associated compensation climbs, the USAF has been forced to hear cries for jet engine noise reduction technology. Liam Stoker investigates techniques that could reduce the roar of jet engines, including a revolutionary noise sponge.

Romanian Air Force IAR-99 crashes, killing pilot

A Romanian Air Force IAR-99 Falcon trainer aircraft has crashed whilst conducting a routine training exercise, killing the pilot and injuring others.