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Alexander Love

The evolution of military comms: From radios to advanced digital systems

As the battlefield becomes more technologically advanced, the need for secure, reliable, and fast communication systems grows. We explore the latest advances in military comms technologies and how they’re transforming defence operations.

The rise of robotics: How autonomous systems are shaping the future of warfare

From drones to bomb disposal, global defence organisations are steadily incorporating robotic technologies that can enhance military capabilities. We explore the potential of these systems, their impact on modern warfare, and the crucial role of connectors and cables in facilitating the future battlefield.

The cable and connector market: how the future is shaping up 

Demand for cables and connectors is rising. After a small drop during the Covid-19 pandemic, the market is showing increasing buoyancy as innovative electronic applications and devices are being introduced with diverse shapes and combinations to transmit power and data. We explore the current and projected future market, along with the sectors experiencing surging demand for these vital products.