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Phoenix Ghost drone will have similarities with AeroVironment’s switchblade

There has been speculation that the Phoenix Ghost may contain suppression of air defense capability, which would provide the Ukrainian Air Force with the further capability in protecting its airspace.

Victory Day Z: Assessing Russia’s strategic outlook

The visibly dismal performance of Russian forces in Ukraine has significantly undermined the credibility of Russia’s military capabilities.

Analysing the limitations of Russian EW capabilities in Ukraine

Despite Russia’s plethora of systems and capabilities, their deployment or at the very least perceived impact in Ukraine has remained relatively muted throughout the first months of the conflict.

The role of OSINT in the war in Ukraine

A key benefit that OSINT has produced for the Ukrainian Armed Forces is how it has somewhat cut through the fog of war, disclosing egregious Russian actions and dispelling Russian excuses.

Russia’s struggle to establish air superiority in Ukraine

During the invasion of Ukraine, limited flight hours may have eroded Russia’s ability to secure Ukrainian airspace.

From four to one: the UK must choose carefully for its Future Medium Helicopter

The £1bn contract is set to run from 2023 to 2028 and includes crew training, as well as technical support and maintenance.

Merkel’s departure: a new era for German defence?

The coalition agreement following the election on 26 September has hinted at reaffirming Germany’s commitment to Nato, nuclear disarmament and deterrence, which suggests that Scholz’s government may not differ so much from Merkel’s.

The Middle East remains a commercial battleground for Russia and the US

Control over sales in Middle East could be exceptionally lucrative, with customers having sizeable defense budgets and lacking domestic defense aviation industries.

Air Force Mayhem project opens window for hypersonic aircraft

Recent tests of the US Air Force’s most recent hypersonic development program, ‘Project Mayhem’ creates a vital avenue for the development of hypersonic aircraft, both military and civilian.

Thunder and Lightning provide an insight into Russia’s AI and swarm technology

Russia’s presentation of the Grom “Thunder” and Molniya “Lightning” UAVs and their roles has revealed new information about their potential.