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16 February 2018
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White Papers

Aerospace Engineering Design
Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS) is a CAA / EASA and UK MOD-approved DOA and POA organisation based in the UK at the forefront of aircraft design, with approvals to make ‘changes and repairs to aircraft’.

Solid State Storage in Military and Aerospace Applications
This document describes the different types of Solid State Storage (SSD) available on the market today.

Environmental EMI/EMC Test Facilities & Laser Welding
Laser welding is performed in an inert gas atmosphere using argon. It can provide spot, stitch and continuous hermetic, vacuum tight, weld in the pulsed operation mode in a glove box.

Security Features for Solid State Drives in Defence Applications
There are various methods for data protection and elimination in Flash solid state drives (SSDs), depending on the security level required within each application.

SCOTTY Airborne Solutions Overview
SCOTTY Group Austria is a solutions provider and manufacturer specialising in beyond line-of-sight audio, video, and data for communications and surveillance. SCOTTY equipment is deployed in the field, on wheeled vehicles, ships, and in the air.

Press Releases

Galleon to Attend International Airshow Berlin 2018
Galleon Embedded Computing will be attending this year’s International Airshow Berlin held in Berlin, Germany, between 25-29 April.

3W-International Unveiled New 3W-180 SRE at Xponential
3W-International unveiled its new 3W-180 SRE hybrid Wankel engine at last year's Xponential. Six months later, CEO Karsten Schudt draws a positive balance relative to the new engine.

FN HERSTAL to Showcase Defence and Security Solutions at MILIPOL 2017
FN HERSTAL is due to appear at the MILIPOL 2017 event, which is in Paris, France, from 21-24 November.

VPT Introduces SVRSA Series of 6W Output Radiation Hardened DC-DC Converters
VPT (VPT®), a HEICO company, today released its single and dual output SVRSA DC-DC converters to further expand its offering of radiation hardened high-reliability space products.

EXPAL Showcases Global Portfolio for EOD and C-IED Mission
EXPAL attends the third C-IED Technology Workshop in Madrid, Spain, between 24-26 October.


A journey through space and time: the UK’s space programme
The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) has launched a five-year, £50m space innovation programme. Two of the key programmes it will fund will help declutter Earth’s orbits and improve satellite communication. Berenice Baker looks at these in more detail and takes a visual tour of the history of British space innovation from the space race to the near future.

Global Defence Technology: Issue 83
In this issue: New flexible UAV designs, applications for 3D printing, a look inside the UK’s space programme, the future of Fincantieri and Naval Group, the US Navy’s green fleet efforts and more

2017: The year’s biggest Airforce Technology stories
Boeing received a $2.1bn LRIP contract for KC-46A tanker aircraft, the UK MoD signed a £146m contract with MBDA to upgrade RAF’s long-range missile. wraps up the key headlines from 2017.

Forget about the F-35, countries should be buying Saab’s Gripen fighter jet
The Gripen NG fighter jet by all accounts is an excellent fighting aircraft and in direct comparisons can keep up with the world’s best, costing nearly half the price of the F-35.

Artificial intelligence in 2018: 27 predictions for business
27 industry experts give their predictions for AI and automation in the year ahead.


M-346 Master Advanced Fighter Trainer
The M-346 Master is an advanced and lead-in fifth-generation fighter trainer developed by Alenia Aermacchi (Italy), a Finmeccanica company.

Strsljen Multimission Unmanned Helicopter
The Strsljen multimission unmanned helicopter, developed by Serbian arms manufacturer EDePro, was unveiled during the International Defence Exhibition and Conference 2017 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

SmartGlider Light Air-Launched Guided Weapon
SmartGlider Light is a compact member of SmartGlider family of new-generation standoff air-launched guided weapons manufactured by French missile systems manufacturer MBDA.

Paveway II Plus Laser Guided Bomb (LGB)
The Paveway II Plus Laser Guided Bomb (LGB) is an advanced, lightweight laser-guided munition developed jointly by Lockheed Martin Corporation and Raytheon Company.

R-350 VTOL Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
R-350 is a new vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed by UMS SKELDAR, a joint venture of UMS AERO and Saab.

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