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Esterline Defense Technologies: Flare and Chaff Countermeasures

Esterline Defense Technologies

Esterline Defense Technologies is a leading developer and producer of infrared (IR) decoy flares and radar countermeasure chaff. We are American-owned and one of two principle producers of pyrotechnic flares for the US military. Our Armtec countermeasure products span helicopter, transport and fast jet platforms in all standard NATO form factors.

Our flare products consist of traditional point source Magnesium, Teflon and Viton (MTV) flares which are designed to counter earlier generation IR MANPADS and advanced aerodynamic, kinematic, spectral and dual component flares that offer protection against all GEN 1, 2, 3 and 5 threats.

Our chaff products offer high reliability, multiple broadband frequency protection, excellent operational radar cross section and a rapid bloom with minimal birds-nesting. Variations of products are available to suit user.

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