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Contributor: Liam Stoker

Liam Stoker, NRi Digital

Liam Stoker

Liam Stoker is an online reporter at NRi Digital, covering a wide array of topics across the company's portfolio of websites, most notably in the defence, public transport and healthcare sectors. During his time at the company, Liam has developed a particular interest in emerging technologies, military robotics and reporting on business interests.

Having graduated from the University of Brighton with a degree in Sports Journalism, Liam freelanced for The Football League before joining the editorial team at NRI Digital in 2010.

Liam has also previously worked for the Eastbourne Herald, the Brighton Argus and is a regular contributor for Southend United Football Club.


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Experimental US Air Force programmes made steady progress, with the X-51A hypersonic WaveRider jet successfully completing a test flight and the X-47B drone launching from the USS George H W...

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Floating like a butterfly and able to sting like a bee, DARPA's request for insect-sized UAVs capable of tracking high-profile targets in densely populated areas finally looks like it is taking...

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Despite a series of setbacks and controversies, Airbus's A400M airlifter finally looks like delivering on its initial premise, as deliveries and operational certification edges...

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The US and Israel announced a multibillion-dollar arms deal to maintain Israel's air superiority, while the UK adopted control of its drone operations from a new control centre at RAF...

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University of Pennsylvania scientists believe they may have developed the next emerging technology for Micro UAVs with their eagle-like grasping claw. Promising to enable UAVs to retrieve items,...