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CONTROP - Electro-Optical and Precision Motion Control Systems

CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd. specializes in the development and production of electro-optical and precision motion control systems. CONTROP’s operations are characterized by Quality, Innovation, cost-effectiveness, reliability and full product support to the sustomer.

CONTROP provides some of the most innovative solutions for Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Defence and Homeland Security activities used in the world today. CONTROP’s products are in daily operational use worldwide, providing unmatched results for security and protection.

CONTROP’s specialization includes:

  • High performance stabilized observation payloads used for day and night surveillance on board: UAVs, small UAVs, helicopters, light aircraft, aerostats, maritime boats and ground vehicles
  • High performance wide-area coverage (real time) EO stabilized payloads for day and night reconnaissance on board UAVs and light aircraft
  • Automatic passive long range intruder detection systems for homeland security including perimeter security, border security, coastal and port protection, airport protection, ground troops security and more
  • Thermal imaging cameras with high performance continuous zoom lens
  • Directional antenna pedestals for UAV and ground applications
  • Stabilized antenna pedestals installed on aerial vehicles for satellite communication relay applications

CONTROP's main products include:

DSP-1 High-performance dual sensor gyro-stabilized payload and LDP laser designator gyro-stabilized payload

DSP-1's applications include day / night observation, search and rescue (SAR), police applications, coastal and border patrol, anti-terrorist surveillance, anti-smuggling surveillance, oil spill detection and more, on board UAVs, helicopters, A/C, ships and maritime patrol boats. DSP-1 weighs 22.5 kg, has a diameter of 33cm.

SHAPO lightweight multi sensor EO / IR gyro-stabilized observation payload

Weighing only 10kg, this camera payload provides high performance with very low weight ratio. Perfect for day / night observation, law enforcement, search and rescue (SAR), police applications, homeland security and more, on board helictopers and light aircraft. Weight: 10kg.; diameter: 24cm.

VIEW family of compact IR gyro-stabilized observation systems for land (L-VIEW), sea (C-VIEW) or air (A-VIEW) applications.

These three gimbal gyro-stabilized camera payloads include an uncooled IR camera with Continuous zoom lens or day TV CCD camera. The T-VIEW has both day and night cameras. Applications include navigation aide to commander and crew, observation and situation Awareness, Safety, Environmental Monitoring, Search and Rescue and more. VIEW Weight: 3.2 kg.; Diameter: 17.7 cm. T-VIEW Weight: 4.6 kg.; Diameter: 19 cm (7.5in).

T-STAMP triple sensor small gyro-Stabilized payload for small UAVs, A/C and ground vehicles

Weighing only 2.8 kg, this 3 gimbal gyro-stabilized payload has three sensors – IR-cooled or uncooled camera with continuous zoom lens, CCD TV camera and optional laser pointer. Provides small UAVs with the image quality of large UAV payloads. Weight: 2.8 kg.; Diameter: 17.8 cm (7in).

STAMP gyro-Stabilized miniature payloads for day and night surveillance applications

The STAMP family includes D-STAMP for daylight use, HD-STAMP with high definition TV, U-STAMP-Z with uncooled IR and continuous zoom lens for night time use, UDF-STAMP with dual field-of-view and more. Weighing from only 750g, these were the chosen payloads for the important Israel MOD small UAV program. For use on mini UAVs, aerostats, small manned aircraft and manned / unmanned ground vehicles and more. Weight: from 750 gr.; Diameter: 13cm (5in).

PCDU portable control and display unit for VIEW, STAMP and other CONTROP payloads

The PCDU is a ruggedized. high-brightness display unit for use in full daylight or total darkness.

SPIDER LR, SPIDER, CEDAR and DANIS long-range panoramic automatic intruder detection and recognition systems.

Also available, the SPEED-V and MEOS-LR for mobile vehicles and high mast mounting applications. The SPIDER LR, SPIDER, SPEED-V and MEOS-LR are gyro-stabilized systems. Applications include coastal surveillance (including small boat detection, swimmer detection, etc.), border surveillance (against smuggling, illegal immigration, etc), perimeter security of high-value sensitive installations (such as airports, power plants, fuel storage depots, oil refineries, water reservoirs, armed forces facilities, etc.), ground troops security, military base protection and more.

SPEED-A long-range gyro-stabilized camera payload in pitch, yaw and roll

The SPEED-A is especially designed for tactical aerostat / balloon mounted surface monitoring for persistent 24/7 surveillance. Ideal for base and force protection as well as border protection. The SPEED-A was designed to answer a unique field requirement for a stabilized high performance camera which can provide very long range observation on this most unique moving platform – the tactical balloon. Weight: 22.5kg.

FOX thermal imaging cameras with continuous zoom lens

Observation units which can be used at night in total darkness. The IR cameras can be supplied with or without an enclosure and are incorporated in CONTROP's camera systems. Unique features include the continuous optical zoom lens so the operator never loses sight of the target during zoom-in and zoom-out, excellent image performance with advanced proprietary image enhancement features so every picture is perfect, even when there is a "hot spot" (explosion, fire etc) and more. Focal length(fl) options(mm): 120, 250, 450, 600, 720 or 1,400.

HRN-1 airborne directional antenna pedestal

HRN-1 airborne directional antenna pedestal is a lightweight communication antenna pedestal, designed to provide a single axis pointing capability in a very compact package, for use onboard UAVs. HRN-2 Airborne Dual Directional Antenna Pedestal is a lightweight communication antenna pedestal, designed to provide dual independent pointing capability in azimuth in a very compact package, for relay applications onboard UAVs.

First-hand experience in the “war against terrorism” brings the focus to CONTROP as a world leader in security and defense, due to the company’s innovative solutions for airborne, maritime and ground surveillance applications.

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CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd
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The STAMP Family of Stabilized Miniature Payloads are very small, lightweight, high resolution, gyro stabilized systems specifically designed for day and night use on small UAVs, aerostats/balloons, ground vehicles and more.
The FOX thermal imaging camera with a continuous zoom lens is an observation unit which can be used at night, even in total darkness. FOX Cameras use a proprietary continuous optical zoom lens.
The DSP-1 High Resolution dual sensor stabilized payload is a compact Day/Night observation system especially configured for use on UAVs, light reconnaissance aircraft, helicopters and marine patrol boats.
The SHAPO Multi Sensor Observation Payload is a sophisticated Day/Night lightweight, stabilized observation payload designed primarily for UAVs, light aircraft, helicopters, patrol boats, aerostats and air ships, armored vehicles and high masts.
The SPIDER and the CEDAR are part of a family of unique automatic intruder detection systems providing solutions for ground, air and maritime security. Each of the systems in this series creates a 'virtual fence' offering innovative automatic and passive intruder detection solutions where most required. These systems serve as passive electro-optic 'imaging radar', scanning a designated area and provide protection for a wide range of security and surveillance applications.
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