Foreign Object Debris Removal for the Airforce Industry


Aerosweep's FOD*BOSS is a foreign object debris (FOD) sweeper that is used by airports, airlines and military to handle their airfield sweeping programmes.

Reliable and versatile FOD removal

The FOD*BOSS is an extremely reliable and versatile FOD removal tool. It can be use in both dry and wet condition and day or night. This versatility is earning it a reputation of being a leading sweeping device for the aviation industry.

The solution can be used at a moment's notice and can also be operated by any member of a team behind any vehicle.
Top speed of the FOD*BOSS is 40km/h (25mph) and it has a sweep width of 8ft to 24ft.

Battery or electric-powered FOD sweeper

The FOD*BOSS has many environmentally friendly properties. For example, it can be operated non-mechanically, which means it can either be towed by battery or electric-powered vehicles - a first for the airfield sweeping industry.

These green properties and reliability have made the product attractive to companies such as FedEx, Delta and United Airlines, who are all carriers that have the FOD*BOSS into their FOD programs with outstanding results.

Considering the damage that can be cause by FOD to aircraft tyres, it is clear why major airlines now place such high important on the removal of FOD quickly and efficient from aircraft movement areas.

Protecting military aircraft from FOD

It can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair or replace military aircraft components that have been damage by even one single FOD stroke. This is why those at military bases have been making use of the FOD*BOSS sweeper for more than a decade.

The product was initially introduced into Australia under the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), however the solution has now spread across the globe; help protect the most valuable and high-tech aircraft from damaging and dangerous FOD-related incidents.

FOD*BOSS is particularly used with jets just as F22 Raptors, RAF Tornados, F14s, which are especially prone to FOD damage.

Testimonials for FOD*BOSS

August 2008, US Military VAW-121 AMO: "I used the FOD*BOSS when I was in the F-14 community and it saved millions of dollars in FODed engines. Once we received the FOD*BOSS, we did not have another FODed engine until we went to the ship."

September 2006, senior manager for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, LMM International Airport: "Thus far we have been extremely pleased with the results we have had with the FOD*BOSS. We use it twice daily and are continually amazed at the amount of FOD we trap in the unit. The employees actually look forward to doing the sweeping."

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