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Expendable Aircraft Countermeasures

Wallop Defence Systems Ltd (WDSL), a Division of Esterline Technologies, is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of a comprehensive and innovative range of defense pyrotechnics for air, sea and land applications supporting both the UK and nations across the world in the protection of their military platforms.

With 60 years of experience and an excellent reputation for performance, quality and safety, WDSL is a prime supplier to the UK MOD, holding a unique partnering agreement with the Defence Logistics Organisation for the provision and development of air countermeasure capability, along with associated products and services.

Within its four business areas of aircraft countermeasures, naval decoy systems, pyrotechnics and chaff manufacturing, Wallop Defence Systems provides a comprehensive service of capabilities resources and experience.

Expendable infra-red aircraft countermeasures

Wallop Defence Systems is a world leading manufacturer of advanced dual-band spectral flares and traditional MTV infra-red countermeasures. We have a strong R&D capability and are at the forefront of design and development of infra-red flares to counter the threat posed by air-to-air and ground-to-air IR-guided missiles.

Providing unrivalled protection for helicopter, transport and fighter aircraft, Wallop Defence Systems' full range of innovative expendable IR decoys – including spectral flares and traditional MTV flares – are compatible with most countermeasure dispensers and are fitted with unique safety and arming mechanisms to ensure ultimate aircraft safety.

Anti-ship missile countermeasure systems

The modern anti-ship missile is fast, deadly accurate, and can be launched from the air, surface or sub-surface and guided by radar, infra-red or electro-optical homing devices. The attack profile can be sea-skimming or high-diving, remaining undetected until close into its selected target.

The objective of all countermeasures is to deny or delay acquisition of targets by missiles until they are no longer capable of impacting their designated termination point.

The Wallop Defence Systems SuperBarricade® and Barricade® family of decoy systems provides a layered defense, with the proven ability to protect naval targets from the modern missile threat. The layered defense offers an enhanced ability to protect a ship from a variety of missile threats and types launched simultaneously.

Missile-tracking flares

Wallop Defence Systems produces specific emission, high-reliability missile-tracking flares for tail-tracked guided missiles and electrically-initiated rocket motor igniters. Its range of smokes and obscurants is produced for delivery by hand, rocket or armored-vehicle dispensers while its illuminants light up the ground or sea in the visible spectrum from ground or aerial (parachute) flares.

Its marine visual signaling and marker floats released from aircraft, surface or sub-surface vessels give location by smoke and / or flame for up to 40min, and its sound signaling devices enable surface-to-sub-surface contact during exercises.

Countermeasure product design, development and manufacture

Our UK facilities are on the leading edge of design, development and manufacture of countermeasure products for military application. Cartridges, payloads and rounds can be designed to incorporate 23µm, 25µm and 28µm aluminized glass, meeting stringent specification requirements for both airborne and naval decoy systems.


Wallop Defence Systems holds British Standards BS EN ISO9001 quality approval along with ISO 14001 Environmental Standards approval for its site in Middle Wallop.

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